OSSA & Enform have merged to become Energy Safety Canada – New H2S Alive Certificate

With the merger last year of OSSA and Enform to Energy Safety Canada, all existing training certificates will eventually be replaced with new Energy Safety Canada Certificates.  If you have an existing OSSA and Enform certificate, they will continue to be recognized until they expire and are replaced.

The first certificate to be rebranded is the H2S ALIVE CERTIFICATE.  Your current Enform H2S Alive certificate will continue to be recognized until it expires.   The Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive Certificate will be issued for all H2S Alive training provided after August 31, 2018.    Please see below for more information or visit energsafetycanada.com.

ANNOUNCEMENT-New ESC Certificate_2018-05-28 (002)
FAQs-New ESC Certificate_2018-05-24 (002)


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