Vancouver Drydock Negotiations Update

Please be advised that mediated contract negotiations concluded on January 23. The mediator also provided us with a general overview prior to writing his final report.

Your bargaining committee has been advised that a final report will be released no later than Wednesday, January 30, and once the bargaining committee has reviewed the mediator’s report, the committee shall make a recommendation.

We anticipate that a meeting to vote on the recommendations will take place at the Maritime Labour Centre on Saturday, February 2. In order to be eligible to vote you must be:
(i) currently employed at Vancouver Drydock, or
(ii) on the seniority list with at least 5 days employment at Vancouver Drydock in 2018, or
(iii) employed by Vancouver Shipyards and worked at Vancouver Drydock at least 5 days in 2018

A meeting notice will be posted following our receipt and review of the report.

Bargaining Committee

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