Building Trades

The piping trades give you a great opportunity for a life long career arc. When mega projects gear up across Canada, talented skilled-workers are a commodity. And that’s not to mention ongoing ICI requirements across our industry.

If you’re a qualified journeyperson working to build Canada in any of these piping trades, then you deserve the best. UA will help you get it.


Welders are the people who make all the pieces fit together, and make sure they stay that way. Working on plants, tanks, buildings, and vessels of all shapes and sizes, welders play an important role in keeping what’s in the pipe safely where it should be.


Where there’s smoke, there’s no fire, because a sprinklerfitter has equipped that building with a sprinkler system to put it out.

Instrumentation technicians and mechanics

Working in fields like pulp and paper, nuclear and hydropower, mining, petrochemical and natural gas, instrumentation technicians and mechanics service pretty well all the equipment. So you can imagine they’re pretty handy to have around.


Plumbers get things moving. They are responsible for the assembly, installation, and maintenance of piping systems. With pipes in pretty well everything, you better believe plumbers are prized members of any construction project.


If steamfitter-pipefitters know anything, it’s how to get pipe installed. They are the people who plan, layout, assemble, and install piping systems. They work all over the place: in oil refineries, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage manufacturing, and even nuclear power plants.