Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan


This benefit is sometimes referred to as EI top up or SUB fund.  The benefit normally pays out $120 per week against an eligible EI week to qualifying members.

For every hour that you work under the ICI agreement, $0.10 per hour is put into your SUB bank. If you’re working a 40 hour work week, the employer is contributing $4 per week to this bank. It will take you approximately 10 weeks to accumulate $40 in your sub bank.  Our membership database keeps track of how much money each member collects into their SUB bank. 

When a member chooses to access the SUB fund,  $40 is subtracted from that member’s SUB bank and the Plan subsidizes the rest.  The member then gets a check for $120 Cheques can only be issued against an eligible paid week of EI Regular Benefit or EI Sickness Benefit. Partial week payments are not an option. Money is subtracted from the member’s bank in $40 increments.

Please note, that the current year of EI payments are valid only until June 30 of the next year.  So 2023 EI claims expire June 30 of 2024.  On July 1st they are no longer eligible to claim.  Some members may not have contributed enough money in their SUB bank to collect all of the eligible EI weeks.  When a member goes back to work and starts remitting to the SUB plan, they can come back later to collect the missing weeks (to as much as they have in their SUB bank and providing they don’t go past the June 30 deadline of the next year).


To know how much you have in your sub bank logon to the Members Only area of Local 170’s website.  Click on the “My Balances” tab.  If you have contributed to the plan, there will be a dollar amount that looks like this: ($0.00).  To know how many weeks you have payable, divide that amount by 40.


Log into your My Service Canada Account and select employment services then:

  • SEND THE “MY PAYMENTS”PAGE   Navigate to where you see a table that lists all the payments you have received. You can screenshot, print screen or save to PDF.
  • SEND THE BENEFIT TYPE On the MY PAYMENTS page in the column REPORT COVERING PERIOD, click on the first date.  It will open a new window called PAYMENT DETAILS that has the benefit type on it.  Send only from one date to verify the benefit.

The Emergency Response Benefit  is currently ineligible for payment under the SUB plan. EI Maternity and Parental Leave are not covered .

Direct Deposit Now Available!

We are now set up to process payments directly to members’ bank accounts. Once you submit your EI claim, we will send you a form that you will need to fill out providing us with the necessary banking information to process your current and future claims.