UA Canada National Parental Wellness Program

UA Canada launched the National Parental Wellness Program at the 2019 Canadian Conference held in PEI in September.  The Program which is funded by Employer paid premiums provides two benefits:   

  • the Pregnancy Benefit ($100/week) which provides financial assistance to UA members who are pregnant and unable to work because their work environment is a hazard to the health of their unborn child; and,
  • Maternity and Parental EI Assistance Benefits ($100/week) which provide “top up” benefits to members who are eligible for maternity or parental leave benefits under the EI Act.

Application forms (which include eligibility criteria) are available on our website and need to be emailed to UA Canada c/o Tara Silliker [email protected], UA Canada Wellness Administrator.



Download UA Canada Pregnancy Benefit Application Form


Download UA Canada Maternity and Parental EI Assistance Form

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